Thursday, July 1, 2010


The PEUGEOT Capsule  by Alp Germaner from Johannesburg, South Africa is a design study of a compact single-seater off-roader inspired by motorcycles and targeted to adventure lovers. It is a compact off-roader that can transport a single person and offers enough luggage capacity for overnight trip.
Alp Germaner is an industrial designer based in Johannesburg, South Africa who works in the retail point of sale design field. “It is called Peugeot Capsule, because I had the annual competition in mind even though it never happened. I am originally a Turkish designer who lives in South Africa. I am involved in the professional point of sale design but I do not have education on transport design. This vehicle is a dream of mine, not engineered, and is a fun design study to set their owners free”, explained Alp. 
The main inspiration came from Alp's KLR 650-A motorcycle, which is known to be a reliable mule that inspires people to ride out and explore. The idea was to create a fun vehicle that has character and offers a sense of freedom and easy communicating technology, delivered by a single touch screen multi display. A special device would control all vehicle functions and remain connected to the world with the internet-enabled satellite connectivity. Full internet satellite connectivity means the vehicle cannot be lost or stolen. The system includes GPS navigation and connection with other Capsules.
The powertrain adopts all-wheel drive system and electric motors. A roof-mounted solar panel contributes to recharging the batteries; the rear luggage box is removable, so it can be used as a stool-desk. The single horizontal screen wiper is mounted on side rails which run along the A pillars, and also act as water channels. Side mirrors are replaced by external cameras which are connected to LCD displays inside the cabin. And to solve unforeseen problems or difficult situations, the Peugeot Capsule has a powerful electric winch installed at the front.

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